Winter Skincare Favorites

Living in Florida and using the word ‘winter’ may seem like a joke compared to the sub-zero conditions in the rest of the country,  but the temps do drop here (a little bit) and, more importantly, the air gets drier. Not to mention the drastic change in tempertures virtually every day causing my skin to have mini panic attacks and making my dry sensitive skin even more reactive. These are a few products I’ve added into my routine to help.

p.s. New York winters – I dont miss you.

Chantecaille Rose De Mai Face Oil. Now this is my favorite product on the list so I’d thought we would start out with a bang. This oil is amazing at making my skin feel nourished and hydrated without heaviness. It contains FIVE different types of roses including Rose De Mai (a key ingredient with massive anti-oxidant properties), Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Rose Damascena, and Rose GeraniumChilean tree bark helps to brighten while Winged Kelp helps to tone and Paracress to help firm the skin. I like to use this over my moisturizer if I’m feeling extra dry, or red, sometimes I mix it right in. I also love this under my foundation as its not a heavy oil but offers significant hydration and makes my makeup go on beautifully.  It’s a little pricey – but you get what you pay for. This product is cruelty-free, paraben-free; phthalate-free; sulfate detergent-free; mineral oil-free; petrolatum-free; palm oil-free; synthetic color-free; synthetic fragrance-free; GMO-free; animal component-free. It checks off every box and is worth it in my opinion.






Patchology “Soothe” Flashmasque – Think of it as a flash facial for your skin, this sheet mask accelerates delivery of the ingredients to the skin with its unique material, so you see results in just five minutes (although I have been known to leave it on wayyy longer). The company, which just launched in 2014, originally developed innovative patch technologies for the medical field, pretty cool huh? Aloe vera and cotton seed oil are the stars here providing anti-inflammatory properties that calm the skin, and help with redness. It also contains an ingredient new to me called “schisandra berry” which is supposed to help improve moisture and have a plumping effect while rosemary, sage and lavender help repair irritated skin. It’s an easy way to hydrate and “soothe” your skin while terrifying anyone unlucky enough to spot you while wearing it LOL. ::Cue Halloween theme song::





Tatcha Lumious Dewy Skin Mist – Most of you have probably heard of this product, I’m on my second bottle of this. It’s an amazing milky skin mist that is different then all of the water based/alcohol sprays on the market (I’m looking at you Caudalie beauty elixir). It contains more than 20% botanical oils and humectants that leave skin dewy including squalene, camellia seed oil, red algae and Tatcha’s anti-ageing, antioxidant-rich HADASEI-3™ complex that acts to “rehydrate and bring life back to dull, parched skin”. I use this product in a variety of ways; you can use it over make-up instead of your water-based setting spray (which tends to be drying) it helps to prevent cakiness and keeps you hydrated in colder weather although it doesn’t help with longevity of your look. I also like to spray it while trying to blend thicker foundations to create a more luminous look. You can use it to refresh the skin and add a moisture boost during the day, or to prep skin before your skincare or a mask. It’s free from Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates.



What do you use to soothe dry, red, irritated skin this time of the year? Let me know!


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