Odacité – natural skincare

First of all, I know I’ve been absent from posting for a bit. Let me explain, I started a new job, traveled a bit and needed to get back on track. Thanks for sticking with me!

During my little hiatus I’ve been experimenting with a ton of newer and more natural skincare products. Get ready to see a ton of fresh goodies! I’ll start with Odacité skincare, named after a french play on “audacity”. It was founded by owner Valarie Grandury who overcame a cancer diagnosis with 5 years to live, surviving and beating the disease like a total boss. She became a health and wellness coach and later founded the brand based off two main values, efficacy + purity. The whole line is extremely pure and clean, what you see is what you get. Their ingredient lists almost read like recipes; no weird chemicals you can’t pronounce. They have a whole line of bespoke skincare targeted at different concerns. Lately I’ve been playing with the Green Ceremony Cleanser and Gt+L Radiance Effect oil. roilffront

The Radiance Effect serum concentrate is absolutely lovely. This specific oil is made to brighten, and add luminosity back in the skin. On each bottle it has a specific code unique to the product. You can use that to find out what ingredients are in the product and where they are from. The brand wants to show that you are getting the purist ingredients from the best sources. This specific oil contains lemongrass (from India and Asia) and I just have to say the smell of the citrus is delectable and a nice pick-me-up especially in the a.m. In aromatherapy the scent is supposed to relive tension and revitalize which it definitely does. roilingredientsThe base is a Camellia seed oil which is from the seeds of green tea (from Japan), it’s also cold pressed for potency and contains Vitamin E, antioxidants and plant collagen. I love to mix this with my moisturizer in the morning, it lays beautifully under makeup. It’s a gorgeous product that really does leave you with a glow. I also love that fact that the oils don’t contain preservatives – The dark medicine bottles ARE the only preservative, how cool is that? The oils do have a 6 month shelf life once they are opened because of how natural it is, but they won’t be too hard to use up. I’ll definitely be checking out a few more once I finish this bottle.

greenjarThe Green Ceremony Cleanser is such a unique product. It’s a green powder cleanser consisting of a matcha and spirulina base that comes housed in a sturdy glass jar, it also comes with a scoop and a muslin cloth. What you do is create a little bathroom alchemy by mixing water with about a half a scoop (trust me, the whole thing is too much!) and when the mixture starts to foam massage it in to your skin and then rinse with luke warm water.

greenscoopThis is more of a detoxifying treatment that gives you a super deep cleanse, its recommended for use every other day with an oily skin, I have reactive, sensitive dry skin so I use it about 3-4 times week in place of my regular cleanser for a deep clean and detox in the a.m. or as a second cleanse in the p.m. I wouldn’t use it to take off make-up. You get such a clean feeling when you wash with it your skin will thank you.

Have you tried anything from this brand? I’m dying to try thier Aventurine Lip Serum next, its a roller ball applicator made out of a green aventurine which is to promote luck but it contains mint, capsicum (the spicy stuff in pepper), CoQ-10, and Vitamin-C. Do you have any recommendations for some new *clean* products? Let me know!

Till next time,

XX Taryn

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