best brows ever?

Never underestimate the power of eyebrows.taryn4-1



During the spring VIB Rouge sale at Sephora I noticed a new launch – Kat Von D Beauty’s new “Signature Brow Precision Pencil” (.065 g for $20). I have never experienced an eyebrow pencil this groundbreaking before, yes groundbreaking. I’ve tried countless eyebrow products including pencils, pomades, waxes, gels, etc. not just being an avid collector and lover but also from my freelance days doing makeup on other people. Trust me when I tell you, its life-changing.
The pencil itself has a small oval tip that is extremely fine and precise, hence the precision pencil – get it 😉 that makes it extremely easy to use there is also a spoolie on the other end which I appreciate. The texture is waxy and creamy, its also extremely long lasting. To create my brow I like to start at the arch of my brow and shape it out. For that part I like the skinny tip of the pencil, then I move to the tail still using the skinny tip to angle it out. From there you can create more hair-like strokes to fill in the work you’ve done. I like to use the wider part to help fill in any gaps and also create a lighter wash of color towards the front of my brow. Don’t forget to use the spoolie to brush through as you’re doing all this work. Then I’ll go in with my brow gel to set everything.

Results = Epic.taryn3

For comparison purposes, I normally use the ABH Brow Whiz (.085 g for $21). Its a normal retractable pencil that brings a thin tip but does not last as long or give me as much sharpness and the Signature Brow. Similarly in my collection is the NYX Micro Brow which is a good dupe for the brow whiz and also nets .085 g but for $9.99, however I noticed it doesn’t last as long on me, The ABH Brow Definer gives you the most product at .2 g for $23 and has an interesting triangle-shaped tip but my problem with this is it keeps breaking, yes every single one I’ve owned has broken, the texture is just too creamy and doesn’t give me the definition I want.

Brows are an essential part of every look I do and this pencil is game changing. What is your brow routine like? Do you think you’ll try this pencil? Let me know! Till next time…

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